PLEASE HELP Why does he "keep an eye" on me and try to hide that he is?

So I have this friend... We're both guys. Long story short, he was INCREDIBLY lovey-dovey with me (holding my hand, constantly saying "I love you," romantic hugs that were longer than a minute, would say stuff like "I wish I could just be in your arms forever" etc.) so I grew feelings for a guy for the first time. I told him and he said that was "just how our friendship was."

He's always had a habit of his that really bothers me because I've never seen anyone do this. Every time I gave him the silent treatment or was cold towards him (which was honestly frequent), he would scratch his head and then look at me for a quick second, or stretch and yawn and look at me while he was yawning, or just do something and while we was doing it he would take a very quick look at me.
Yesterday, I was with him and I just got pissed so I just gave him the silent treatment for a while because I needed to cool off. He would do the same thing again; constantly stretch and yawn to look at me, or scratch his face/head to look at me. And to get my attention he'll try to think of something to say.

When I was at his house, I was finally responding to him (but still in a pretty cold manner). He wanted me to watch a TV show with him and we sat on different couches... And for a good few hours he would constantly "keep an eye" on me. He would do the whole "scratch to look" thing and "stretch and yawn" to look thing. He would also change positions on the couch and every time he did, he would take a quick look at me. Every time he got up to do something he would take a quick look at me and if he was walking in the hallway across from me I could see him taking a quick look at me. And sometimes he'll just be looking at the TV and then turn around for a quick second to look at me and then look back.
Along with that it was almost like we were playing a "scratching" game... He would constantly scratch himself and I would scratch myself pretty frequently.

And this past week, I've noticed he acts different when he's alone with me versus when others are around, and I've noticed he tries to touch me as little as possible.

I dunno... What could this possibly mean? I don't get it. What kind of person does this?
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Asked Oct 28, 2014
Edited Oct 28, 2014

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