My teacher thinks my best friend is a bad influence?

One of my teachers always tells me not to talk to my friend because shes a "bad influence " on me. She even is going to change my shecule around so I dont have classes with her. My friend isnt always the nicest person but she isnt the worse kid in school. Help??
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Asked Oct 27, 2014
Edited Oct 27, 2014
I have a very similar problem. My teacher called our parents to school and told them that we should spend less time together, because when I started hanging out with them I started getting into trouble a lot, so now my parents are angry with me and my friends.

Even if they'd separate us in school that still doesn't mean that we would stop talking to each other.

Try talking to your teacher, find out why does he think that you should't talk to your friend. Maybe there really is something that you do or don't do because she does or doesn't, if that's the case, you know that you can always have influence on her too, so if for example she's skipping class, don't go with her or maybe try to stop her..

It's all good until she involves your parents into this. At least in my case it was.
Answered Apr 21, 2017

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