Am I am awful person?

so I have problems. I'm depressed, bi polar, scitzophrenic, I deal with anxiety & I'm just a fucking mess. I'm trying to get better, but last year I was super suicidal. A week after I told my boyfriend that I had back then that I wanted to kill myself, he dumped me. because he said that I was better off without him because apparently he's "pure poison" & a "sociopath". it really hurt & I spent months upset over him & I swear it made me more suicidal. that's dumb but it did. so a long time ago I sent him this long letter saying I was going to kill myself, & I blamed him. I have since gotten help & I've come to realize that was bad of me. I feel like shit, I chose to try & kill myself, it was my idea not his, he isn't responsible. I feel crazy for blaming him, am I a bad person?
Asked Oct 27, 2014
I am a kid, and don't know to much, but I'll try. I'm not sure whats up, but you said you did get help. I really don't see too much wrong here though, but try to ask someone else also. hope this helps!
Answered Oct 27, 2014
hey im in forth grade and have so many suisidle thoughts, you are not alone promise, I may still be a kid but were all growing and learning as we go along right? so dont put yourself down for making a mistake, just remember that was the past a live for today not for yesterday if you do that then hopefully in time things will become better for you, I mean look at me, im in forth grade, I cut myself, run away all the time and currently have no friends and thats just from bullying, I also have an eating disorder and serious depression and anxiety, im suppost to take meddison everyday for depression but I dont because somehow im blaming myself for everything thats wrong with me what is the same kinda thing I think your doing, but please dont, if you ever feel alone remember your not because im here if nobody else is even if we dont know eachother and are completely different ages there is always someone out there who loves and cares for you that may not be your exboyfriend anymore but they'll be someone else :)
Answered Jan 14, 2015
dont kill your self !!! its not worth it you will find some one who will love you even if it takes a while, I have been single for 2 years now and it get lonely I know but there will be someone out there and don't get yourself down i'm sure your not a bad person you just need to find your feet so don't let go !
Answered Feb 08, 2016
No and do not kill yourself over that.You have much much time to think things over
Answered Feb 08, 2016

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