Title for a love story?

So I am writng a book on Wattpad and need some ideas for the title he's my blurb:

Susan Paterson is a quite clever 17 year old teenage girl. She is friendly and quite pretty too. She hates her life.. It looks as if no ones likes her. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. She doesn't know for sure

Also a new boy comes and Susan immediately falls in love with him.

But he's too cool and hot to even hang out with Susan. But when Nick (the new boy) has to stay in Susan's house for a while whilst his family goes away, will Susan and Nick end up falling in love with each other? But have this in mind.. Susan is a VERY and I mean VERY bad tempered girl! She gets angry. A lot. Will Nick like her.. Or not?

Her friends are always there to back her up though. Or are they?

Will Susan's life stay as it is or will it change?

It's mostly about love.
Asked Oct 25, 2014
Ummm what about perfection in imperfections
Answered Oct 25, 2014
Yh thanks x
funny , since im writing a love story too.Honestly ,i got the name at the middle of my writing.As a writer it suddenly pops in your head believe it or not.i called mines "spectra special" since its about a love story between ghost and your a really good writer by the way. you just have to wait.
Answered Oct 26, 2014
Please answer my latest question? Please?!
Answered Nov 21, 2014

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