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Well, yesterday everyone in my family was making fun of me, so I ran and hid in my closet, which is the only door that locks. Then I started writing revenge all over the wall. My mom told me to open the door but I wouldn't. Then I would cry and laugh in a really weird way. Then I started letting myself really weird saying its gonna be ok... Earlier I was drawing pictures of weapons, like knifes I drew 3 guns I drew 2 and 2 hatches and 1 scaple. Then I put down my mind is the weapon and everything else is a accessory. Is this normal?! HELP ME PLZ PLZ!!!!
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 24, 2014
It is normal to want revenge, though usually for a little while, while you'rer in the heat of your anger. I'm sorry to say, it is not normal to be drawing guns and doing the creepy laugh thingy. I'd advise you to keep away from the knifes and do something calming, like reading.
Answered Oct 24, 2014
Thanks so much, but I get really weird thoughts and I can't get them out of my head... I also talk to myself, every day, ALOT
Hanadi Oct 24, 2014
try talking to yourself in your head, also remember that when you say anonymous then reply to a comment it shows ur user...

yeah, so try to keep it in your head, anything you're saying, just move your lips silently. try and tell me if it doesnt work, k?
It won't work. This thought in my head keeps nagging me telling me it's ok and I thought I would be better if I turn into a killer.. I'm only 11 turning 12 in a month... Help
Hanadi Oct 25, 2014
You WOULDN'T. nobody is better as a killer. try writing it on your wrist, and look at it every time a thought like that comes into your head.
Yeah but I wanna espace my parents, what should I do? The only reason I hadn't killed them yet is because I have no where to go if I kill them. I try to hold in my anger... But I feel I'm gonna snap soon.
Hanadi Oct 29, 2014
You are like me... It's ok everything will be alright...
Answered Oct 24, 2014

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