Hamster is very cold and not moving much

hi I have (had) 2 chinese dwarf hamsters about 7 months old. I just came home about an hour ago to find one of them dead with a missing eye and the other one hunched up in the corner of her cage with bloody hands and face. they were sisters and I don't think she killed her because there's not really any sign of a fight. this also had to have happened today because they were playing and running on their wheel early this morning. the surviving one is cold to the touch and her eyes are only half open. I picked her up and wrapped her in a cloth to try to warm her. she ate a little bit of food when I gave it to her but wouldn't drink anything. she doesn't move much and when she does she's unsteady on her feet. what should I do?
Asked Oct 21, 2014
I think the survivor might be very very sick. Try taking them to the vet

Hope this helps!
~SingAlways age 12
Answered Oct 23, 2014
Yes take him to the vet but also heat up HOTTT water and put it in a plastic water bottle (quite a few) around a shoe box and out some blankets in there too to keep him warm :) I did this to my old hamster. best of luck
Answered Oct 23, 2014
Well, you never know what could happen with hamsters. I had a very nice hamster named Fluffy once, and he had a baby and the baby ended up eating Fluffy so... Hamsters are unpredictable. It also sounds like your hamster is going through some major psychological issues right now if it did kill it's sister. Take it to the vet and see what they say.
Answered Oct 24, 2014
Poor Fluffy :(

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