Help I made a stupid decision and I need advice!

I met this guy online and we agreed to meet for oral sex Cause im a virgin and when he got to his house and we start kissing an undressing and he starts to preform oral on me an he's asking me if I want to have sex with him when I already mentioned that I didn't want sex. So I tell him no again. And he picks up the pace and im not focusing and he keeps asking me and im not answering because im feeling good. I climb on top of him and we're kissing. And he asks me again and again if I want sex he grabbed me by the neck maybe guessing it was a turn on and he said "im gonna f*** you and he pushes me down on his penis and I kinda give in. After a while he asks me if I want him to cum inside me I say no then he does it anyway. Im scared I don't want to get pregnant im in college and I definitely don't have any money for plan B and I can't tell my parents what do I do?
Asked Oct 21, 2014
For starters, that is a form of rape. Him grabbing you and "pushing you down on his penis" isn't you kind of giving in if it's already happening. I know you may not want to go through the trouble but I would inform someone of authority especially since if it's happened to you, its more than likely happened to other girls or is going to happen at some point. That's absolutely disgusting on his part, no is no. I would go to a health clinic and get examined asap if you can or haven't done so already. You should never feel pressured or forced into sex. I'm sorry to hear this regardless of the circumstances, none of that should have happened. hope things work out
Answered Nov 07, 2014
Just wait and see if you are pregnant or have an STD.. then you will need to take action. There is nothing you can do now. In the future, only have sex with someone you know and trust. And use condoms. And make the guy use an antibacterial penis health creme for protection during oral. Hope this helps.
Answered Sep 19, 2016

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