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1.Passengers arriving at an airport for departure must first wait to check in to obtain a boarding pass and check their luggage. Then they must pass through the airport security. Those passengers that passed through security proceed to the gate. At the gate, the passengers must wait for their row to be called to have their boarding pass authenticated. If the boarding pass does not match the departing flight, the passenger is directed to the appropriate gate. The passengers that have an excessively large bag as carry-on must first wait for an attendant, and then, they
are directed back to“check in” to check the luggage piece. Subsequently, they must pass through the security again to return to the gate. Passengers with the proper boarding pass and appropriate size carry-on are allowed to enter the jet way and board the plane.
(i) Create a flowchart of the passenger arriving at an airport for departure
(ii) How might this process be improved to avoid delays?

2. Borders Group Inc., an international bookstore, applied for bankruptcy in 2011 and was subsequently bought out by Barnes & Noble.
(i) Create a cause -and - effect diagram for this situation.
(ii) Provide a detailed description of the most likely causes of the Boarders
Group’s bankruptcy and suggest how this could have been prevented?
3. The time to make beds at a motel should fall into an agreed-on range of times. A sample of four maids was selected, and the time needed to make a bed was observed on three different occasions:
(i) Determine the upper and lower control limits for an X-Bar chart and
R-chart with a sample size of four.
(ii) After the control chart was established a sample of four observations had the following times in seconds: 185, 198, 192, and 218. Is corrective action needed?
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