My boyfriend meant to text his ex. but accidentally sent it to me?

I've been dating him (I'll just call him "A" for the question) for about 4 weeks, we're both 15. Yesterday we were texting. He said he had to go for a few minutes. Right? It was probably about 15 minutes. Then this was the conversation..
A: Hey
A: Idk. But (guys name) and (guys name) got to see down your shirt. Not fair.
Me: What..?
A: Wrong person
Me: Who was it for?
A: My ex from before we were dating you don't know her she asked for help with her math homework
Me: Okay...
A: Is that ok
Me: Talking to someone? Sure, I don't care. But were you wanting to see down her shirt or something?
A: No I would never do that when dating.
Me: Then how was it unfair?
A: We were talking about soda
Me: Soda? Then what about the shirt?
A: I was saying it was unfair because she got a two liter of mountain dew
Me: Okay....
A: You don't believe me do you?
Me: I still don't understand what happened.
A: Ok. Love you
Me: Oh
A: (My name)
Me: What
A: What's wrong
Me: Nothing
A: Ok :)

This is not exactly word for word, but its the general idea. I dont think he was exactly truthful though.. He asked to see under my shirt twice in person, once when texting, and I denied him all three times so maybe he's looking elsewhere? Also, he was extremely slow when replying back to me, and said he stopped talking to her but I don't know. It said he was online, then I texted back and he went offline, then back online a few minutes later and didn't look at my message but went back offline, and kept doing that until I texted him back and I apologized for always worrying about stuff and he said "oh." So I think he was still talking to her.. Plus, in the very beginning he texted me hey and then that other message a few seconds later. And to have as much of a conversation as he said, he had to have been either talking to her when he told me he had to leave, or messaged her at least a few minutes before messaging me, and was replying to her much faster. Anyways I don't know.
What do you guys think that conversation meant? Am I just being clingy? I don't care if he talks to her but if she texted him to ask for "help" that's basically girl code for "making an excuse to talk to him because she thinks she may have feelings for him still" and with that, if he was trying to ask her for shirtless pictures then she may have easily given in in the attempt to win him back or whatever else the fuck she might have been thinking.

Am I just making my own story around this? Is it even reasonable? Is it stupid for me to be so upset over this? Am I just over thinking? Am I enough? Was he lying? What do you guys think? I don't think I'm clingy.. I usually let people do whatever the hell they want but I don't know. Him texting his ex about seeing under her shirt, with lack of explaination just upset me.. Please help me.. /:

I am thankful for the response I received, but I would still really appreciate any more opinions you guys have as well. Thank you :)
Asked Oct 18, 2014
Edited Oct 19, 2014
It sounds like he his lying about the other girl, he sounded like he was wanting to see down her shirt and jealous others got to, then was embarrassed so changed it to about Mt. Dew drinks. I honestly feel this relationship isn't quite working out for you two, to be honest. I know you two like each other but maybe its best to remain just friends for now, or try and talk things out with him. Try talking first if you feel comfortable with that, and if that doesnt work, just go back to friends.
Hope everything works out!
Answered Oct 18, 2014
That's what I was thinking and I'm not sure.. Homecoming is in one week so I could try to fix things by then?
And honestly I'm not sure it is either but I don't know if I could break up with him even if I wanted to.. Just not his personality I guess.. But I'll talk to him, again. /:
Thank you for your answer. Although not what I was hoping, its what I need. So I appreciate it
if youre having so many problems with your player boyfriend why dont you just end it? hes playing with you. move on before he breaks your heart.
Answered Oct 19, 2014
Yeah true.. Thank you
I hate to be blunt but he is a CHEATER and stupid for doing that to you. You are smart and do not need him sorry if I broke your heart but it is true. He is one of those toads and not your prince(trust me everyone finds something like this in their life) sorry. :(
Answered Oct 20, 2014
Edited Oct 20, 2014
Yeah/: I mean, I like him and he has a lot of good things about him, its just that the problems seem to be outweighing the positives.. Thank you
rcr12 Oct 21, 2014
Don't be sorry, I appreciate your help :)

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