Why does my ipod shut off like this? HELP ASAP!

Okay so I used to be able to have my iPod on both the week and weekends but then my mom decided to take it away when it was school days (I don't even have bad grades. Btw, I'm 12) so I give it to her on the week.

Now, when I get it back on the weekends and I turn it on, it's shut off and on dead battery, even if I had left if half or fully charged.
I have to do this alllllll the time it's so effing annoying.

So yeah if you have ANY idea why it's like that PLZ answer.
Thanks a lot.

IPod 2nd gen
Asked Oct 17, 2014
It could be that the battery is dying or just a crappy battery. And, sometimes its just the device itself. If possible, you could try calling the company and asking them about it. :)
Answered Oct 18, 2014
Attempt to use iTunes to restore your iPod. Or use a better tool - TunesKit iOS System Recovery to fix iPod keeps shutting off. It is a professional repair tool for iPhone/iPod/iPad. See more in: https://www.tuneskit.com/ios-system-recovery-for-mac.html
Answered Jul 29, 2021

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