Why are 3d movies no longer truly 3d?

I remember seeing my first 3D movie and that was Spy Kids 3D when it was in theaters, yes I was already an adult, but wanted to see it because I never saw a 3D movie before and this was the first one out since like the 70s or 80s. This movie utilized the teal (cyan) and red lenses on the glasses. Now the movie itself wasn’t great, however the 3D effects were excellent. I remember the scene where the bubbles floated out of the screen and it looked like you could reach up and grab them. If I remember correctly, there was a sawblade that looked like it was going to cut your forehead. I thought it was funny that all the kids in the theaters were reaching up trying to grab the bubbles. This was good quality and really did look 3D as stuff was popping out of the screen, as if it was going to hit you, and there was also depth within the screen.

Now with the Real D glasses in theaters, everything looks like an aquarium. What I mean by this is that nothing pops out of the screen. There is only image depth within the screen. Not only that, most stuff is blurry when it is moving too quickly. Spy Kids 3D didn’t look blurry at all, not even in the least.

I understand the difference between Active and Passive glasses, which I have Active at home and the image is slightly more crisp than passive. However, again it is like looking into a fish aquarium, there is some depth within the TV, but nothing popping out and the image isn’t always clear either.

I was told by friends older than me that the few old movies that were in 3D always popped out of the screen in the 70s and 80s. I even went to an amusement park and watched Sponge Bob Square Pants in 4D with the teal and red glasses, which I am not a fan of Sponge Bob but wanted to see 4D. That movie popped out of the screen as well. For those that don’t know what 4D is, it is 3D and they include smells or other affects into the movie. Like a jar of pickles was opened in the movie and you smelled pickles. Then when a balloon was popped you were squirted with water.

So here is my real question. Why isn’t the impressive 3D used for Spy Kids 3D used in today’s movies? The current 3D movies are not impressive at all. Why can’t they, or why don’t they, have it where the movie is popping out of the screen anymore? It seems like they went from a superior product to more of an inferior one. I am guessing the movies cost too much to make in order for them to pop out of the screen, but I would think like anything, the more demand for it the cheaper it will become (especially as technology improves and new ways are invented to create it). I was curious if anyone knew why they decided to make 3D as an aquarium instead of popping out of the screen like they once did.
Asked Oct 16, 2014

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