Who could conduct a stealth program on someone's home computer?

Could someone tap into your home computer, with a program that
collects your websites and your info on your address book ?

Could a detective do this ? The police? Or someone who is a hacker?

Thank You
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Asked Oct 11, 2014
Answer to your question: Yes.
Hacker, police, detective, government or even kid can do this if you are not careful.

More info:
Collecting information from your computer can be done without access to computer if it connects to internet. Internet traffic can be rerouted and record everything that passes throught.

Detective? In my country detectives doesn't have police authorisation and could get in to trouble. Anyway if that detective is specialized in computer security, he could do that.

How about police? They also could do this but they don't have to rely software flaws. Some softwares and operating systems themselves has access routes to authorized users. These routes are purposely made. When police asks access to spesific target they surely gets it. But you don't have to worry about that. At least in my country they don't do that unless they suspect you do notable criminal activities. Same goes for government. Just saying if you are honest and respect law, police and government are on your side.

These activities could be done without user noticing anything. It depens on how much you know and how experienced you are.

If you are looking solutions against these criminal activities, I listed few:
Easiest way to security is to not install any program that is not delivered from original distributor or official partner.
Permit java from the sites that you don't trust (In newest version of java runtime it's blocked by default by java runtime itself and you need to allow it if you need it).
Don't go to sites that are know to be harmful (see below)
These tricks keeps most of the little kids and "small" criminals ruining your computer.

Extra of extra:
Install WOT extension to browser. It tells the user if that site is reported to be harmful or is it safe enough to connect.
Install NoScript (for Mozilla Firefox).
Answered Oct 12, 2014
Edited Oct 12, 2014

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