If you get 2 calls on your landline phone, 2 different numbers,at the same time.?

I recently received some phone calls ,one person left a message and
thier phone number, from thier cell phone, at the same time another
call came in from someone else, who had a different number.

It was 2 calls at the same time, from 2 different people......What
could be causing this? Thank You

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 11, 2014
The early version of landline phone used analog signals to transfer call. This occupied that wire to carry only one call. It was expensive. Then came digital transfering. That could transfer many calls in same line.
If you are talking to phone with someone and and another call comes. Your phone runs answering machine and records that call at the same time you are talking on phone. If your phone doesn't have this feature, occupied signal travels back to telephone service telling that line is occupied and that service runs answering machine and you can connect to this recorded call using your answering machine number if you use that service. Recorder also can handle multiple records from different numbers at the same time.

Did this answer please you, did I understand your question correctly?
Answered Oct 12, 2014
Edited Oct 12, 2014
You can do reverse phone lookup at https://www.foralldirectory.com to find out who is the owner of the number.
Answered 9 days ago

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