I want a Boy Friend, but I'm not allowed!

I really want a boyfriend. there is this guy and we are going to start dating but I'm not allowed a boy friend. What do I do????
Asked Oct 10, 2014
omg is it the dude your were talking about in your last question about if you should ask him out again? if it is, yay for you! :)

anyway I think you should date him but maybe not tell your parents for a while.. its not the best option I knoe but thats what I use to do when I was scared to tell my parents.

i actually ended up telling my mum and not dad until later so if u are closer to one of your parents or siblings and u feel the need to tell someone, tell them.

so anyway you could like secretly date for a bit and try and ask your parents if u are allowed one yet or why you arent allowed one..

sorry if this didnt help
Answered Oct 10, 2014
yes its me and I want to start dating this guy. I will date him. thanks for the help
Lily101 Oct 10, 2014

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