Does anyone want to play minecraft with me :)

I have PC minecraft :) I just wanted to know if anyone did
Asked Oct 08, 2014
I do
Answered Oct 08, 2014
Do LAN servers work and what time :)
Can't try anything tonight though. I just realised it's mIdnight here.
woosaa Oct 08, 2014
I know same with me can you play tommoro? Or somthing
I'm not sure about the servers. Couldn't hurt to try though. Also where do u live, so we could work around the tone zones and find a workable time.
woosaa Oct 08, 2014
I live in America in Colorado :)
I have it but to not play a lot :( since school here has started 😢
Answered Oct 09, 2014
I'll play minecraft with you! :D
Answered Oct 09, 2014
:D what time
I dunno, pick a time
What ever time you can do it
I have really been wanting to play. I recommend tomorrow (Sunday the 26th) at around 1-5 pm pacific daylight time. (I live in Nevada) I really want to play with someone else.

Minecraft name is Commander T 11
Answered Oct 25, 2014
Edited Oct 25, 2014
Sry I haven't checked this post in a while can we plain a time later?
whats your mc name? what servers do you go on if you go on multiplayer?
Answered Feb 06, 2015

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