How do you get rid of dry skin

I have had this for about 10 years and I am tired of having dry flakey skin on my face it makes me look like a idiot how do I get rid of it I did not use to have it on my face BUT I DO NOW so how do I get rid of it
Asked Oct 08, 2014
i used to have dry skin but to stop it put e45 on in the night when in going to sleep and massage it in and I use it when I wake up and in the day e45 is around £5 in england
it really helps also I used this natrual soap called dudu-osun you can buy it from and afro carriabean hair shop for £1
I have the same problem as you. What I do is I use something really rough to scrub all the pours away (and yes it hurts) HOWEVER this depends on how bad your skin is. I'm Irish so I've basically got red sandpaper and the rest of my skin is white (lol). Also you can buy some lotion you put on your face and just smear it around and wash it off; it makes your skin feel oily and smooth.
Answered Oct 08, 2014
Thx :)
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Answered Feb 21, 2015
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Answered Feb 23, 2015
You use Annimateo All-in-one anti-aging cream to get rid of your dry skin, there is no side effect of this cream. so I am using this cream on my face in daily basis.

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Answered Mar 11, 2015
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Answered Mar 20, 2015
You should apply some body oil regularly. That would solve your problem, I am sure. :)
Answered Mar 20, 2015
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Answered Mar 24, 2015
Derma Spray is the most effective and natural solution for skin conditions such as itchiness, rashes, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or any other related skin conditions with absolutely no steroids or chemicals.

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Answered Mar 26, 2015

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Answered Apr 02, 2015
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Answered Apr 08, 2015
If it is on the penis skin then you need one of those penis health cremes. There are a lot of these out there but make sure you get a good one that contains Vitamin E and shea butter. It will get your skin back to normal in no time. There are other benefits to use one of these cremes too, so check 'em out.
Answered Aug 15, 2016
The best way to get rid off dry skin is too moisturize your skin daily as much as you can. After few days you will definitely get rid out of this problem.
Answered Sep 08, 2016
The best way to get rid off dry skin is you have to drink 5 lit. water everyday. It can remove your dullness and glow your skin from inner. Besides that you can moisturize your skin by any quality moisturizer.
Answered Sep 08, 2016
I think the best way to cure dry skin is olive oil because of its fatty acids and antioxidants that help soothe your dry skin for whole body. Drinking plenty of water can keep your skin hydrated as well.

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Answered Sep 14, 2016
You can try these natural remedies to get rid of dry skin, such as coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, milk cream, honey etc. To be updated about latest Makeup trends just stick to
Answered Dec 08, 2017
Many people go through dry skin problems at some age in their lives. Dry skin is usually caused by environmental conditions, dirt or excessive bathing and can occur anywhere on the body.
1.Moisturize frequently and consistently.
2.Change your products(According to my experience I would recommend you to use Nyassa products.)
3.Drink lots of water.
4.Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
5.Avoid junk foods.
6.Avoid smoking and limit the amount of alcohol.
Answered Jan 03, 2018
Dry skin is usually caused by harsh soaps, itchy clothing, misusing moisturiser, and long, hot showers.Dry air,medication is also one of the reasons for this problem. Some of the remedies which I would suggest are
-Turn down the heat
-Use a natural and vegan moisturizer ..You can even try up with Nyassa's range of lotions and moisturizers which are handmade and 100% animal free.
-Avoid lather..The Sodium Lauryl sulphate causes more to dry your skin.
-Skip Alcohols
-Don't rough the skin up
-Maintain a Balanced diet
Answered Jan 03, 2018
Even I have dry skin, I did try a lot of moisturizers but didn't really helped my skin.
I came to know about Nyassa's Organic Carrier Oils which are best for dry skin .
And I must say , It really helped me a lot to deal with my dry skin.
I would recommend for the same. you can even go and check the link below
Answered Jan 04, 2018
Try changing your face wash. I have been using Rose and Lychee Face wash from Nyassa. I would recommend for the same.
Answered Jan 05, 2018
I would use the best body moisturizer for dry skin product from Nyassa in order to get rid of my Dry skin, because one of my bestie was stucked up into a similar problem. Then he searched, "which product is the best body moisturizer for dry skin ?".......So, he get a very positive response for Nyassa's light body lotion.
Answered Jan 06, 2018
Answered Jan 08, 2018

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