Need advice on recent UK GBH with intent charge

Arranged a suprised party for my brothers wife, everybody having a great time and enjoying themselves. During the party, brother consumes large amounts of alcohol (spirits/punch)
Brother then starts to act foolish, challenging everyone for arm restling matches and loses, goading guests, pushing his head against guests, further goading behaviour throughout next few hours.
Brother then starts goading me for a fight, light punches that turns out to be very hard by him, I block every move with self defence moves making him even more angry.
Brother starts to get pretty violent and grabs a knife off the kitchen table and attempts to stab me with the knife.
I then use a self defence Wing Chun move to disarm the knife and hit him at the same time. The knife is released and Brother is left with a broken nose. My wife removes knife and hides it unders the bed.. Along side the rest of the kitchen knives. Brother wife, and two friends were told to stay in the living room at the front of the house with three of the five children who were awake.
My two guests were very frightened, and brothers wife was also very scared as she knows what he is capable of.
Straight after I push brother outside in garden chair and withstrain him to calm him down, during this time brother appears to calm down and then asks to go toilet inside, I refuse and say you can pee in the garden and you are not coming in. Brother seems calm and then I release his arms to go for a pee.
Brother comes back and sits in chair with his nose still bleeding.
Brother then appears calm and then trys to grab broken glass object on table, I move straight to him stopping him holding him further by his wrists.
Brother goes crazy trying to headbutt and kick me trying to get away but I will not let him go..
Some time passes and brother then asks to go for toilet again, I allow him to go to the bottom of the garden, instead of going to the place he last went for a pee, he went into the shed and picked up a hammer I run down and remove hammer from him with same defence and attack.
I then open rear gate and then push my brother outside, whilst pushing him out the gate he tried to attack me and caught his hand in the gate fracturing his hand.
I must note that there were a total of five children in the house at the time, three of whom were his children, and did not witness any of this. Brothers wife begged me not to let him into the house. She said "You know what he's like" . This was a very frightening ordeal for myself and the people in my house.
Brothers wife is now supporting my brother, by saying it was an unprovoked attack, and that brother did nothing to anyone. Brothers wife is very scared of repercussions from my brother as he has previous for domestic violence against her.
I was arrested five days later, for GBH with intent and false imprisonment, and am now on bail pending an investigation.
Brother injurys are 2 black eyes, broken nose, burst blood vessel in eye, and a broken wrist, with bruising over his body
I live in the UK, England
Previous history of brother
10 years ago my brother stabbed me with a Kitchen knife 26 times and nearly killed me
Brother is alcoholic and drug user
Brother has history of self harm and domestic violence
No further assault charges on his record.
Asked Oct 07, 2014

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