Help with a relenship crush problem please

i like a boy he likes me but theres some sort of problem please give me unjudgeful advice what to do next thank you
To all

Ps: im new here
Asked Oct 04, 2014
Hey welcome!! Nice to have ya *tips hat* lol
What kind of "problems" are there? I would love to help but Idk what advice to give u without more info?
Answered Oct 04, 2014
thank you well his on a site and his is the real boy b4 anyone askes me I really love him and he loves me the thing is he said if I cannot stay on this site I having trouble with then I can f off
So he's a boy u met online?
Hey! :) What's the problem you're having though? We'd all love to help you, but we can't until we know the problem.
Also, welcome to the site! :)
Answered Oct 04, 2014
Read above
Thank you for your
So if I'm understanding right, he said to f off if you can't stay on this site? I'm not sure I'm understanding this right, and I understand you may have feelings for him but if he says this then I don't think he's the one that would treat you right. But if you can't keep in touch anyway, I'm not sure what you would do? Maybe some other forms of communication like texting, but be really sure he is who you think he is, and that you both really care for each other.
I hope that helps, and that everything goes well
thank you .. For taking time for me ....great advice there !
I had a bad expirance with the site bc of a problem im not going into thanks
And he said if I dont stay on this site then I can f off and he will date somebody else
Please stay in touch
Ohhh I see, well I don't know him but I'd say from experience that he doesn't respect you enough, and it'd probably be best just to not talk to him and save yourself a heartache in the end, and then you'd also have that feeling of self-control instead of wondering what went wrong.
If that makes sense
Hello I think you should go to a relenship doctor who can help you I helped a girl with bulima symoptoms so im happy to advice you too and the person above is correct we need more infomation please
Take care baby girl
Nice name
Answered Oct 04, 2014
ha thanks alfie
thank you read above for the more details I promised

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