Are personal sex workers viable?

I live in the United States, so naturally I know very little about prostitution. I am wondering about attempting this in a more free country, like in Europe. Are there such arrangements that one can hire a sex worker in exchange for rent of part of his house, plus a salary, so that she only works with him and is available on a regular basis?

The primary purpose of doing this over regularly visiting a brothel would be to negate the need for condoms, as she would presumably be using birth control and having sex with no one else for the time she is hired. Another reason would be for the convenience of having a sex worker in your own home.

Assuming I am fairly wealthy, are there women who are interested in this sort of arrangement? How about with another woman, or two? I would imagine that, considering many women are already willing to be sex workers, they should have no problem sticking to one client for a while. It should probably be convenient for them, too, since they wouldn't have to keep searching for clients or worry about paying for a place to live.

My conflicting thought is that women would probably be averse to such an arrangement because they might see it as a way out of any marital commitment. Don't get me wrong, it totally is. I have no interest in marriage, period. I'd be better off just surgically attaching a condom to myself! Then again, I imagine there would have to be some women out there who don't care.
Asked Oct 01, 2014

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