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Just before I start I do not have the idea to 'change him' I've been seeing this man for a good few months now his 27 and I'm 20 he describes himself as 'hard headed' I just want to let him know that even though he is it's not a bad thing to show his emotions, how can I tell how he feels? He clearly knows I really like him, but I have no idea where I stand still... Despite going on dates and yes I've slept with him, he went on holiday with his ex last month which really confused me does anyone have any advice? We went on a date again Saturday after not seeing him for a month and everything is now how it use to be I'm so confused
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Asked Sep 30, 2014
Men usually don't like showing their feelings, so just drop hints that you care and don't find it bad, like if he acts like he doesn't care about something or shows no emotion, be cute with him and sensitive. Be nice to him and eventually he'll show feelings when he's comfortable, I guess it's just a man thing. About going on holiday with his ex, maybe they're just good friends? Or maybe he though he liked her, but then realised it was you he liked instead? There could be a hundred reasons, just be straight up with him, boys prefer that.
Answered Sep 30, 2014

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