Confused and confused and wth and confused

Hi. So, like you can see in the title, Im very confused. There's this guy I like, but I can't figure out if he likes me too. Sometimes I get the signals that he may like me, but then I think that Im probably just overthinking stuff (I had done that in the past ;-;). Lately he talks with me much more, after he found out that we had a lot common interests. He sits beside me and is kind of always near me. When I do something on my phone or show something on it to my friend, he always comes over to see what it is. He's kinda playful sometimes and likes to poke fun at me (not in a mean way). I catch him looking my way sometimes too.We use to have playful fights sometimes and, I don't know, it seems like he had fun. I actually wouln't think of it that much if it wasn't because Im the only girl he talks with on a daily basis. But I really don't know if he likes me and like I said, I can be overthinking stuff.
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Asked Sep 29, 2014
Girl problems seem hard, but guys have the same over-thinking thoughts! By what you described, he sounds like he does like you, but boys are complicated and he might just want to be good friends. Flirt with him a bit, compliment him (guys love compliments) and wait to see if he walks over to you first, if he talks or texts you first, and if you catch him looking at you, does he smile and look away, or make a face, or hold your stare for a few more seconds than needed, then he probably likes you. Ask him for a hug, and if he gives you a tight long hug, then you know if he does on not, you could even just ask him!
Answered Sep 29, 2014

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