What does a guy mean when he says he likes you but your not his type

i was told this by a guy in my class that I probably have no chance with and if I did have a chance how do I expand my chance???? PLZ HELP ME!!!!????
Asked Sep 26, 2014
He means that he likes you as a human being but you are not the type of girl he likes to date.So find out about his interests, then use them to bond with him later.
First, ignore him for a while and then play hard to get because if he sees that you are 'too available' you would not have a chance.
Answered Sep 27, 2014
thank you so much
thanks for answering my question this guy and I are now dating
YAY! Well done hah :)
Meow00 Oct 04, 2014
You're welcome! :)
Jane16 Oct 06, 2014
☆O, congrats gurly:)☆
☆Yea, he's saying ur a pretty awesome person but not in THAT kind of way:)☆
Answered Oct 06, 2014
He's saying your cool/cute but not who he wants to date. But you'll totally find someone way cuter! ;) :)
Answered Jul 27, 2017

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