Am I obsessed with this anime character?

I have an anime crush on Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter and I can't stop thinking about him! Sometimes when I feel like giving up I literally just think of him and push myself. (EX: Killua wouldn't stop running here! *keeps running* ) I draw him all the time and hear songs such as his theme song. I usually take quizzes about him and then I dream about him. I sometimes say some lines that he says and I actually want to kill people like he does! Tell me.. am I obsessed give details and if so help me to stop my obssession
Asked Sep 25, 2014
Not at all, You are just a fan with a lot of thinking. Try watching other anime like One Piece or Naruto.
Answered Dec 20, 2014
Its common for young teens to have an emotion attachment to strange things (such as, anime, and other things), I too had an emotion attachment to a character that was just in my head, it didn't exist, and wasn't from watching cartoons. However you must learn to get it under control before adulthood. Because you may need therapy for this
Answered Dec 20, 2014
As you are young. So, you may have the emotional attachment as Celia said. We all had emotional attachments with different things.
If you want to become creative and willing to make your anime character. Then probably, this guide will help you. Check it out.
Answered Feb 12, 2016

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