Need a free browser plugin and 2 free software programs.


I need a free browser plugin for Outlook to stop spam (con or scam messages) 'entering' the Junk Box and at the same time 'protect' the Inbox from the same problem for Vista.

Please note that the Google Chrome Web store does not provide such a plugin.

I also need a free file unlock and delete program for Windows 98 SE SP1.

Also, I need a free graphics chip tuning program for an Intel 82810E Graphics + Memory Controller chip (part of the Intel 810E chipset) for Windows 98 SE SP1.

Please note that the OldApps website does not provide the 2 free programs that I am looking for, as mentioned.

Also, please note I have not checked the Major Geeks website yet to see if 'they' do provide said software.

But, I would appreciate, and welcome, a link or links, or suggestion or suggestions, in your reply.

So, I will now end this thread. But I do thank you for your patience in this matter and I do look forward to receiving your reply, with what I mentioned above included, soon in the near future.


Mr Berwyn H Price
Asked Sep 25, 2014

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