Could I be pregnant?

I worried I may be pregnant. My last menstrual period was on August 13. I had unprotected sex on the 8th of September. My boyfriends worried he might have came in me. I was supposed to get my period on September 10th according to my period calander. I ovulated on September 3rd. I took a pregnancy test September 10th and 9.8.14 and they both said negative. My breast have been sore, and I have cramps . Today I am 9 days late.
Asked Sep 19, 2014
You might be pregnant, but I would think if you were it would show up on a test. Even if not, do not fear about your period being late. A lot of people recently have experienced delayed or early periods, irregular patters, stuff like that, due to the many solar flares we have been recieving, which changes energies on earth including our bodies.
Answered Sep 19, 2014

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