14yr old son loves my panties

Hi am a single mom, 34.

It started about 6 to 7 month, I came from work early than usual. After letting himself in and cooling a bit, I spoke with a high tone to let my son know that I was at home but there was no response.

I assumed that there was no one, so I went upstairs to the bathroom to have a shower. while walking up the stairs I started hearing someone moaning from the bathroom. So I stopped next the door peaked through only to have the sight of the my son smelling my dirty thong and wearing my g-string and masturbating.

I was shocked. I quietly went to my room. I never told him anything about it.

Now I need to buy new thongs, strings every month, All of my thongs bear this stains.

Instead of talking to him about, I think I'm encouraging it. I buy more sexy thongs and strings. Each time I come from home, I get undress in my room and go for a shower, I leave the dirty underwear in my room, on the floor, just for him to come and pick it up.

I think that till he uses my underwear to masturbate its fine. If he goes to the neighbors and steals underwear, he may end up in jail.

I think its bad and that I need some advice to deal with this.

Thank you
Asked Sep 18, 2014
I do the same thing with my mom's thongs, it's not that big of a deal. I just like the way my mother smells and tastes.
Love that smell
jman198 Apr 24, 2020
So hot keep buying more get them dirty
i would recommend sitting your son down and easing into the conversation about this, he will not like it at all and be completely embarrassed, and this may slow you two talking like a mother and a son together down out of fear of messing up his relationship with you but he will probably feel better about it and when he sees that you do not view him different as you did before you he will begin feeling even more safe around you knowing that he can do something he is not proud of(i am assuming you left how you thin he feels about it out so yeah about all I can do) and embarrassing but you still love him
Answered Sep 18, 2014
after talking to him u think he will stop?
kate22 Sep 18, 2014
talked to him. he says he will be able to stop masturbating in my underwear but that its impossible forget the scent and that he will take my dirty underwear only for smelling. He also said that he tried panties of girls from his school and but that my scent is better.
kate22 Sep 19, 2014
I don't totally agree with snateam.

I really think that the child, your son, has reached an age where his body changing. The fact that he is attracted to your scent and not someone else means that he really loves his mother.

@the mother, why do you wear thongs and strings?

Since u are single mother, I really think you masturbate a lot? right?
Are you sure that your son never saw you in the act? If he ever saw you, it will be problematic.

Please update us on your situation. We'll try and help u
Answered Sep 19, 2014
Here's an update to my situation. Even thought we talked, He is still cumming in my underwear, and sniffing my dirty thongs.
- I can't do anything more. I'll just have to wear them with the stains.
Yes I do masturbate a lot. No I can be sure.
kate22 Sep 20, 2014
I used cum in my mum panties x
Answered Sep 18, 2017
I believe that the great majority of adolescents at some point in their growth period have idolized their mothers, some to a greater extent than others and to levels which are beyond the understanding and tolerance of so-called right-minders. ; then it is logical to believe that what his goddesses wore, touched, sought to be the Holy Grahal of their desires, therefore the fact of carrying them to imbue them with their essences, as much physical as moral, was the paroxism of their pleasures, even until want to go a step further; From that point on, depending on their ability to charm and convince, also on the receptivity and openness of the desired being, the rest evolved. So in the case that concerns us here, as a single woman, according to YOUR analysis of the situation, and not that of others, YOU will know what to do, and you do not even have to share it with ANYONE; It will remain in your secret garden. I wish you a happy ending.
Answered Feb 22, 2021
Just fuck him already like as if you don't want to he's be stoked 8 bet and you can have a wonderfully messed up little bit of fun and whatever you wanna call it together
Answered Apr 19, 2021
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Answered Apr 26, 2021
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Answered Aug 22, 2021
i used other girls/womens dirty underwear to try stopping using my mums dirty panties but they just didnt excite me as much the smell taste and how her panties made me so naughty thinking about her when wearing them
Answered Oct 22, 2021
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