Tips to keep these thoughts out of my head?

With my recent depression, I am sadly feeling urges to... cut. With my scissors and thumb-tacks. But I dont want to at the same time. I basically have this battle in my head, one side saying it will help and the other saying its a bad idea. Like the cartoon devils and angels on shoulders giving advice. But in my head. What are some tips to at least get my mind distracted by something else?
Asked Sep 15, 2014
Listen to music and draw. Express yourself. Or if you really hate drawing, a good idea, is to fantasize about something you reeeeealy love. I can't tell you how to deal with depression but, I myself had no choice but to stop being suicidal and cutting. Otherways something terrible were to happen (not telling because of personal reasons) something I would never, ever wish for. If you're pushed to the limits, there's no choice, but to be strong. But don't cut. Its a really bad idea. I regret that I was cutting. Its already been a year ago but the scars still don't go away. I can't do anything about them. They're covering my wrists and thights. It looks awful. You can think that there's no way you would get scars or anything. Its just a cut right? That's how I thought at least. But you will. You definetly will. No matter how big or how deep the cut is. You WILL get scars. Try to boost your self confidence as much as you can. It'll be alright, you just have to wait it out. Try to think positively. And it may sound pathetic. But it's true. I really hope you get better.
Answered Sep 16, 2014

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