Am I right to ask my friend to wear a different dress to my wedding?

ok i'm getting married at the end of september and my friend tells me I have to see this dress she ordered online for my wedding it's gorgeous so she sends me this link|90379850 am I wrong to be upset about this? I didn't think it's appropriate to wear a train to someone else's wedding? so I told her this and she's like well i'l get it bunched up, but I think even bunched up it's going to look like there was a train though no? what do you think is this dress acceptable to wear to someone else's wedding? Do I have a right to ask that she doesn't? She's threatening that she's not going to come to my wedding, and honestly I would be completely fine with that especially over her being like this over the dress if she wasn't officiating the ceremony. Anyway yay or nay on the dress?
Asked Sep 15, 2014
Hey there! In my opinion this dress is too much, especially for another person's wedding!! I have this thing where you are not allowed to be dressed more than the bride. I definitely don't think this dress is appropriate. The train is too much... even if it was bunched up... I don't know. Honestly if she is saying she won't come to your wedding because she can't wear a dress that she want's to wear I wouldn't want her there either. It's like she is trying to out due you. NAYYYY on the dress! It's beautiful, but not to another persons wedding!
Answered Sep 17, 2014

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