My girlfriend lied about her mom dying, what should I do?

Me and my girl are having a son. She lied and told me her mom died. Then I found out and she told me she didn't want me to know because she doesn't like her mom. I feel like she's also lied about how many guys she's slept with before me and her got together. And we never used a condom. But she's also allergic to latex. I've cheated on her but I learned to stop I mean we're having a son and its time to man up. But how do I figure this out. What else has she lied about. When I ask her that question she's a brick wall. She hasn't lied to me about anything but that. And she told me that she went skinny dipping with a guy. But she never did and she told me she just said that to see if I would ask him and find out. So basically what do I do?
Asked Sep 12, 2014
I'm sorry you're upset nobody has answered but its only been 02 hours since posted so maybe nobody who can help has really seen the question yet.

My opinion is that you both need to stay truthful about everything, I'm not saying you aren't, but yeah.
Maybe have a long serious talk, I know its confusing but talking about it would be the best thing to do, instead of just ending it especially if there's a child involved.

I'm sorry I hope this was at least some help, or that you'll get better answers soon
Answered Sep 12, 2014
Ive tried.
Then I don't know what else to tell you, listen to your heart. What do you feel you should do?

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