Question help please?

A three phase transmission line rated at V rated and Itx line l − length transposed line operates at
50Hz. The transmission line has z series impedance per-unit length [Ω / km ] and y
admittance per unit length [ S km / ].

V rated = 765
Itx line = 300
Z = 0.0165 real part, imaginary=0.3306
Y= 0 real part, imaginary = 0.000004674

i. The propagation constant gamma in units [ 1 km− ]
ii. The characteristic impedance Zc in units [Ω ]
iii. Exact ABDC parameters of the line.
iv. Calculate the exact-pi equivalent circuit model parameters Z′ and Y′

Please Please show working out ?????
thanks alot
Asked Sep 10, 2014

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