How to get over fear of raising my hand in class?

Hey, guys. So I've had this problem for a while and I really want to get over it. I'm not typically that shy in general, just mostly with people I don't know very well. But when it comes to school and participating in class, I get so nervous and scared to answer a question. Even if I know the answer when no one else does, I just can't bring myself to raise my hand. And on the rare occasion when I do, I psych myself out and my heart beats really fast for like five minutes straight after I answer the question. I want to be one of those really smart kids who always have their hands up and to be able to reach my fullest potential academically, but how will I be able to if I don't have the confidence to participate in group discussions? Please help me if you know any tricks or something that can help me overcome this obstacle. Thank you :)
Asked Sep 08, 2014
Just like act like no one there like it's u and ur friend and no one else
Answered Sep 08, 2014
well firstly remember noones going to kill you if your answer is wrong
most people are too scared to say the wrong thing,remember even if people Laugh nothing on you will change

also relax its just your teacher and a few classmates,breath before you say your answer and just relax

also try pretending you are alone it helps boost confidence,or look for somewere to focus on when saing your answer like the clock or the ceiling
Answered Sep 08, 2014

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