Why is my goldfish sitting at the bottom of the bowl?

Only five hours ago I bought a goldfish from a pet store. They advised me that it would be best if I got a tank with a filter but as I only wanted the one fish a bowl should be fine as long as I clean it regularly. I went ahead with this as my aunt has now had her fish for 20 years and it has always just been in a bowl. It's not sick already is it? It's not swimming at all.
Asked Sep 04, 2014
Maybe because it's hard for your fish to breath. Filters help clean tanks & removes toxic buildup of ammonia and narrates. But I honestly doubt that's that case, I don't think you NEED a filter as long as you clean the tank regularly, you could've got a 'faulty' fish when you bought him :( hope I could help
Answered Sep 04, 2014
Or it might be shock from moving
Your fish is probably in shock, add some aquarium salt to the tank to add electrolytes. Also goldfish should not be kept in bowls, a goldfish should have heavy filtration, and cold water. A good rule of thumb is twenty gallons per goldfish. Plz, goldfish r great petz just house them properly, if u want a "bowl" fish get a betta!
Answered Jan 07, 2016

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