I'm 11 but I look like I'm 13-15

Ever since I started puberty I started looking older than what I am! I go to dance camp at my old elementary school and they put me in the older group YAY! But it is with girls that were older than me. But I realized that my dance teacher said she put me in the older one cause your their level of dance! So that's good! But when I was in target a group of older kids with keys in their hands (16 year olds) said HEY I DIDNT SEE U IN SCHOOL TODAY WHERE DO U GO TO SCHOOL AT? And I ignored them, but they kept saying it so I finally said PMS why do u have a problem? I'm 11 and I'm going into 6th grade BYE! Then I just walked away liked it didn't happen.

Any ideas why I might look older?
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Asked Aug 31, 2014
I'm an 11 year old girl too. I'm very tall. So I look like I'm about 16 or 17 years old. But puberty comes with attention. And by that I mean, I get lots of grown men looking at my butt and breasts. If I were you, I'd be careful. There are a lot of sex offenders out there. Just a few days ago, I was walking to a store to get a drink of Monster Energy and this old man (about in his 50's or 60's) tried to grope my ass. (Excuse my crude language.) Be careful around those weirdos! Yours Truly, EmojiGirl ??

Its just normal. Im 14 and people always mistake me for at least 18-19 ._. Some people just look older. Don't let it bother you, its nothing bad. Its actually quite fun, because then, people don't treat you like a kid.Try to enjoy it ^-^
Answered Aug 31, 2014
I'm exactly the same! I had boobs when I was ten and used to cry myself to sleep about how I looked but now I'm at high school I get loads more attention and it's great! To be honest it's totally normal!
Answered Nov 04, 2014
I am 11 and just like u I was out this boy said to me if I had a boyfriend cause he could be one and that I could ride his u know what I was like ewwwh I am only 11 he was like ohhhh
Answered Aug 04, 2015
I drive and I don't care if your 11
meme123 Aug 06, 2015
Same here. I'm 11 and people think I'm any ware between 12-19. It's totally normal.
Answered Oct 14, 2015
Its normal to be assumed older or younger than you are.
Answered Jul 15, 2016

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