This is for Iamawalrus

Hey Iamawalrus I am here to say I love you and you may think you have no talent and that you are worthless. I am here to say you seem perfect to me and if you are not here how am I supposed to live with myself. I beg you stay here on earth. I PROMISE when I am older I will visit and make life better for you and be a BFF to you or visit Australia when you are older I will come and meet you if you come here. YOU RULE. Quote NEVER GIVE UP. The is no such thing as an ending. Just a New BEGINNING.

Cheers rcr12

Thank you people for the thumbs up and post if you want to but if you post something mean I will report you!
Asked Aug 30, 2014
Edited Sep 09, 2014
Thanks bae yeah I love yall. I havent been om much
Answered Sep 11, 2014
we all love u imawalrus
I love u too
Your the best and you rule imawalrus
rcr12 Sep 14, 2014
I think your awesome :D
You have a golden heart.....all I understood was you're awesome....salute u!....we all love nice people such as iamawalrus and u
Answered Aug 31, 2014
Edited Aug 31, 2014
Amen! And you too, Nil. You're a great person!
Thanx....blueElephant...I hope my friends were like you:)....I hope I could talk with you more..
Nil Sep 01, 2014
Thx you rule nil
rcr12 Sep 01, 2014
Love u ;)
Nil Sep 01, 2014
U have a heart of gold too and love u too and blue elephant
rcr12 Sep 01, 2014
Iamawalrus you took me out of depression and stopped me from committing suicide. That is your talent you help people become a psychologist maybe that is your calling if it isn't then you will find your true calling some day I sware on it.
Answered Sep 10, 2014
Yes you did
Lol whats cute
Just observing this strange and beautiful display. Strangers showing such care for other strangers. Has anyone else witnessed something as the likes of this before?
Answered Oct 08, 2014
Thx and we have grown close from lots of things:)
rcr12 Oct 10, 2014
Imawalrus, I'm sorry I haven't been on, not sure if you'll remember me but this is JaylynCamiro and Rcr12 is right, we all care about you and we wouldn't want to see anything happen to you ever.
Answered Sep 12, 2014
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Nil Sep 01, 2014're just 12 can't have six pack yet...
Nil Sep 01, 2014

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