My dog killed my cat

So today my APBT got out of my fully fenced in backyard. I looked to see how he done it and he must have jumped my fence. Anyhow, when he got out of my yard today he killed my cat and WOULD NOT let go of my cats lifeless body with my husband and 2 other men trying to get my cat from him my husband has to kick him so hard before he would let go. My APBT is also deaf so everything is 10xs more complicated with him. He is dog friendly and people friendly. Any suggestions on what is causing this or anyone have this same experience? Its kind of scary where he WOULDN'T let go of my cats body.. I am traumatized and I have cried my eyes out all day. I honestly dont know what to do. Please if you have something bad to say keep it to yourself.
Asked Aug 26, 2014
Oh...that's not your fault cuz they were not in the same place...this is what can't turn back time....but hereafter be more careful...good luck!
Answered Aug 27, 2014
I'm sorry you had to go through that:'( My uncle's pit bull did that to my mom's little cat several years ago. I think dogs have a natural hunting instinct, like an uncontrollable urge to chase and maul smaller animals/toys, unfortunately it happened to your kitty. Dogs can be totally stupid sometimes, it's not their's so sad! I'm so sorry!!
Answered Sep 22, 2014
Pit Bull are usually animal aggressive, and dogs can sometimes see smaller animals as prey it was probably that. The prey dive can be fixed, seek a dog trainer for that though. I'm sorry about your cat.
Answered Sep 23, 2014

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