HELP,I am freaking out. Weird period stuff.

Ok,im 19, ill be 20 this year. My last period was from July 12- 18. and my fertile days where from the 22- the 27 of July, my cycle usually goes between every 28-32 days but I typically get my period on the 30 day of my cycle sometimes on the 31 or 32 day. Yesterday, the 12 of august would've been the 32 day. I ovulated on the 26 of July (i know this because I used an ovulation predictor kit) after the 26 I got super stressed over some things.
Also every time that i've had sex its been protected with spermicide/and or a condom we have only ever used spermicide by itself once and that was after my fertile time when it was already past when I had ovulated and even then he did not ejaculate in me. My partner has never ejaculated inside of me at any time, and we DID NOT have sex during my fertile time.
So i'm just wondering if all of that heavy stress could've affected my cycle and made me late or even skip my period?
Asked Aug 14, 2014

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