Tubes in scrotum feel swollen, why?

After my girlfriend left my house today I felt my scrotum ache a bit. I went to the bathroom and saw that the tubes were a bit swollen. This has happened before and ejaculating seems to help loosen the pain. Can you tell me why this keeps happening ?
Asked Aug 13, 2014
By tube do you mean veins? If so, you will want to start using a penis health creme that contains Vitamin C. This vitamin is excellent for vein health, and this creme will allow you to get it directly into the genital area where it is needed the most. There are other vitamins in these cremes too, which will help your penis in other ways. You can find them online. Good luck.
Answered Sep 21, 2016
I would really get yourself to a doctor to check. I would highly recommend a penis health creme too. Use one like Man1 Man Oil and enjoy the benefits of rejuvenating and moisturizing qualities which come from the ingredient list, boasting Vitamin E, Alpha-Lipoic Acid (which helps repair cellular damage) and shea butter. Check it out.
Answered Jan 13, 2020
I would recommend getting to the doctor and having them check this out. I would also recommend- once you get the all clear- that you make sure that you are taking care of your penis by using a penis health creme. Man1 Man Oil is a great one because they have a money back guarantee.
Answered Mar 20, 2020

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