Risks during pregnancy. Is my baby safe?

I just recently found out I was pregnant. I'm around 4 weeks. I have a small Dilemma though. This week I am suppose to go to an amusement park, and I love roller coasters. But, I've done some research online of the risks, and some say It's okay and some not so much. I'd like to have some more insight, and opinions on the true risks of riding roller coasters while in early stages of pregnancy. Such as what could happen to my baby, and How safe is it. Any opinions or facts would be extremely helpful.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Aug 12, 2014
When I was pregnate with my son I didnt know till 5 months in I went to a 6 flags like 3 months before and nothing bad happened.

Thats my Insight.
Answered Oct 08, 2014

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