Advise on girls and camping lol third wheel

Hello, Will try to make this short and sweet. I'm a guy..... im 22 :D So me and one of my closest friends.Who happens to be a girl we shale call her Joe. Are going camping down in Cornwall. we are meeting some of are friends that are staying on the same campsite as us. Joe is getting some weird texts from one of the people that we are meeting. saying stuff like this is a couples thing and that she should bring a friend. "That person is me". suggesting she is the third wheel etc and all that jazz. I think its quite nasty and uncalled for? I know one of them likes me.... so maybe that's where its all coming from. The plan was just to go and chill on the beach,drinks and what ever we fancy doing. Just to have some fun and a nice break no agenda. Do you think that its bang out of order? maybe me and Joe should tell this girl to take the high road? not sure how one should deal with this problem with out setting every one off in tears lol Thanks :D

Asked Aug 07, 2014

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