Why does my puppy have hair loss and swolleness on the foot

hair loss and swolleness
Asked Aug 07, 2014
This could be caused by many different things! It could literally be anything and I can't really provide you with much of an accurate answer as I cannot see it, but I definitely recommend taking him to the vet as it could be something serious. Don't stress though, as it may not be. My dog got a swollen, red and itchy foot and we took him to vet to find out that he was allergic to one of the weeds that grew in my garden! Especially because yours is only a puppy, please get him checked out (:

Good luck!
Answered Aug 19, 2014
My dog always gets swollen feet because we take her hiking with us on trails where something could cut or get stuck in her pads. I would take your dog to the vet just incase for that and the hair loss. If it's a puppy, it shouldn't be having too much hair loss
Answered Sep 06, 2014

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