How to deal in this situation?

I am 16f, joined dance. My stage performance is scheduled. I got confused over some steps. In a position of dips where legs are in air, I always try to cover my upper thighs & panty from exposing. I feel very ockward exposing these in such position. I know that most of the clicks are also taken during this, & I don't know how will it look when I am in air littlrally helpless.
At the same time my dance partner always say, that my hands movement to avoid exposing destructs him & perfect position is not achieved.
Above all, costume for stage performance is given by our dance class, & underskirt is almost of size of normal panty with very less coverage. I ve asked them also, but the class authority says that it looks glamorous in normal twists.
plz guide.
Asked Aug 07, 2014
Edited Aug 07, 2014

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