I'm 12 and need help I may be pregnant or having a false pregnancy!

Hi I'm 12 and I need help ASAP so I'm going to make this quick. I didn't know which category sorry! This is a puberty and pregnancy related question. So basically I'm a virgin and no sperm has been near my vagina. Ok so I'm having most of the pregnancy symptoms backaches, abdominal pain, migraines, slight abdominal enlargement, constipation and recently I can see a dark line under my belly button. I can't tell my mum she would freak out. I told my mum some of the symptoms and she says I will be fine because she knows I'm a virgin and I'm going through puberty. My breasts are developing and I've had my periods for 4 months now. So I have had these symptoms for 2 weeks. So I went to an amusement park today I was scared because I read a lot online but I'm probably not even pregnant even if I am I'm probably under 20 weeks. Anyways I got carried away and I sat on many roller coasters I didn't feel any pain. So basically when I got home my vagina started hurting. It was probably because I needed the toilet desperately so I felt relived after relieving myself. So now I have a stomach ache and lower abdominal pain. My vagina feels uncomfortable, it's hard to feel. I keep having so much discharge it's clear/whitey and pretty normal. So do I have this thing I forgot what it's called (sorry) placental something or am I just nervous. Or am I not pregnant to start with or do I have a false pregnancy. Plus what should I do now should I go to the doctor with an excuse other than pregnancy so the doctor can examine and tell. BTW I can't buy a home pregnancy test. Thanks for the help. I'm really scared and frightened please help!!!
Asked Aug 04, 2014
Hey !! Calm the hell down !!!
No you're not pregnant. It's TOTALLY NORMAL puberty.
And you're only and only pregnant if sperm enters your vagina.
Take some meds. And dont freak out. Tell the doctor the symptoms and tell mommy to just take you to the doc coz u dont feel good. Gws :)
Answered Aug 08, 2014
She is Right ..
Consult a doc girl ..
If you didn't had sex then luckily you are not pregnant :D
No offense but you are a fucking idiot if you think you are pregnant. YOU ARE A VIRGIN. It is impossible for a virgin to become pregnant
Answered Feb 25, 2015
Well if u hang had sex then u can't b preg.. lol have u started a period? Cuz u can't get preg without ever having a period. Just chill girlly trust me ud know if u were knocked up.
Answered Mar 02, 2015

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