I saw something strange in minecraft

Well I just got minecraft and I was really excited. So I started playing found a village I started living in when it became night. I got bored in the house and went out, there were no mobs? Confused I ventured out, I saw an enderman and avoided eye contact. I was expecting it to teleport, when I saw the default charater Steve in the distance. Confused I began running towards it when it dissapeared I haven't seen it again. I am freaked out and confused. Also I checked for other players.I am not really a noob and have never heard of anything like this, it is also the ps3 edition.

Please don't lie about it, or call me a liar I am super scared.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Aug 03, 2014
I think it might be the bad steve I forget what it is called but it can kill you no matter what mode you are in.
Answered Aug 03, 2014
Did he have white eyes if so it was herobrine aka a steve with white eyes I once saw him but in the PC then since the 1.8 update they removed herobrine its rare to see herobrine
Answered Oct 06, 2014
It says "Removed Herobrine" in every single update. We are now in 1.12 maybe 1.13 I havent played mc in a bit but he still exists. Ask MC user Legoshire for proof.

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