Is falling in love to easily a mental disorder?

I know someone who falls in love wayyy too fast. It took 2 months just from texting. She is depressed now because the person is not texting her as much as they use too. This bothers me because I know two other people in the family that is the same way and the men they meet is either sickos or just Jail-baits.

I wonder if this is some kind of illness or mental disorder because I don't think it is normal to fall in love so fast especially if they had little interaction in this certain situation. She is so upset blaming herself and asking herself what did she do wrong? Can someone help me with this? And please civil answers. Thank you.
Asked Aug 01, 2014
I tend to fall in love fast. I can like someone so easily, and its insane, but the fact whether they're a good person or not is the q. :)
I think I had the same deal as your friend at one point, and the reason that I say I think is because I dont know if I liked him.
Tell her not to blame herself. when this guy stopped talking to me, I learned that he got his phone taken away. SO, just show her that its not her fault.
It may be a disorder, who knows?
Sorry tat pribs dint help
Answered Aug 01, 2014
It sounds like co-dependency when you look for someone to make you happy it's low self esteem. Women and men end up with bad people because of this.
Answered Oct 24, 2014

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