My hair is falling and is their a solution for it to stop falling?

Hey guys....
I just moved from London to Pakistan like about two moths ago and my hair as been falling like lots and lots. All I know is that this only happened to me when I was little once, my mom found a solution and put oil and cut my hair and it was ok, thick and healthy. Now, I'm 13 and my hair was thick until I arrived to Pakistan, I told my mom and she told my dad, he didn't know what to do but then my mom put oil in my hair and cut it like one inch or somthing but it's still falling. My mom says it's because of dehydration but I've started to drink plenty of water. My mom then said its to do with the conditioner that I don't use it, I use everyday when I wash my hair. But it's no use, it's still falling. When I was in London, my hair had never fallen since I was little up till now but unfortunately it's falling out now, is it to do with dehydration, the shampoo and conditioner I'm using, having to was my hair everyday, pollution or the heat? I used egg in my hair but it's still falling.
Thank you for helping me, we'll if you answer this
Asked Jul 30, 2014

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It could be stress of moving to a new place or you may want to get a blood test done to see if all your levels are normal. Your best bet is to see a Dr. if you are really concerned or you could try using different shampoo and conditioner, for example Nioxin is a good solution.
Answered Aug 01, 2014
it's a home remedy but it's really effective.

1. Apply onion juice on your scalp. You will see immediate affect.

2. Mix three-fourth olive oil and one-fourth castor oil in a container and apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight and then shampoo.

These two ways will work. I guarantee!!
Answered Aug 04, 2014
Are you sure..
Hi jollyfafa, you are just 13 and I don't think if you have any stress or any hormone disorders. You are saying that you don't have any problem during your stay at London then the problem may be the water you are using in your bath. In Asian countries plenty of Irons found in water. I think that may be a cause of your hair falling.
Answered Aug 09, 2014
The thing is I'm really getting scared because it's thinning my hair
And I think it's falling because my hair didn't fall ever since that age
I just went to a walima (after wedding party) my mom said leave my hair out for the party I said no because my hair falls out, I don't get to do what used to do with my hair : (
I'm back in to the United Kingdom now, and it's falling like hell
How to have a flawless , silk, shine and healthy hair !!
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Answered Apr 07, 2015
Apply ervamatin hair oil and its shampoo to avoid hair loss. Its a good product of telebuy. for more details or
Answered Apr 23, 2015
The best Solution is to Consult Best Hair Clinic For your Problem ,Hair loss is one of the worst condition for Men and women but many modern techniques like hair transplant ,PRP ,NEO Graft etc are introduced ,in my opinion you need to go for PRP for Your hair Fall Problem ,and for that Hair Clinic in Ahmedabad is one the Best clinic
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