What does it mean when a girl puts her arm around you while sleeping?

I met a girl a year ago but it was at the time I was moving out into another town.
So I've only met her twice and we've only been talking mostly through E-Mails, Skype and texts.
She stayed at my place for 3 nights last week and I showed her all around my hometown because she hasn't ever been here before.
One night she put her arm around me while sleeping and I asked her why because I think it's cute. She told me she didn't know she did that because she was asleep.
I'm sure she didn't lie to me when she said she didn't notice doing that.
What does that mean? Does she like me?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 30, 2014
Friendship or likes you...
Answered Jul 30, 2014
It doesn't mean anything, she told you she didn't know what she did and you believed her so stop your wishful thinking, if you kicked her while turning in your sleep should she believe that you that you don't like her and wanted to kick her if you told her that you didn't know you kicked her? Come on, it's hard to believe you're old enough to have your own place when you sound like an 8 year boy with a crush on a little girl..
Answered Aug 16, 2015

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