Fitness tips without workouts. Help?

so I decided to loose some weight and I cant go to gym or workout because of busyness so help me please! im 12 years old and I dont want my parents to know that.
Asked Jul 29, 2014
Orbitrek Elite is the best home fitness machine available in India. Orbitrek Elite models combine cardio exercises that reduce your waistline with the resistance-training workouts to bundle-in an all-in-one revolutionary Fitness Equipment, so you get an awesome muscle-sculpting and calorie-burning workout at the same time! The innovatively compact design of Orbitrek Elite models allows it to be used as a Treadmill, Stepper, Stair Climber and Cycle!
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Answered Mar 24, 2015
Hey dear Subscribers, in FBI I workhard a lot the fitness was 30% of the person
who am I now if you want to get matched with likeminded people who have the same fitness goals as you!
at: here I find the answer.
Answered Jul 11, 2016
Indoor and Outdoor Gym Equipment and Rigs Specialists. Calisthenics, Body Weight Training Australia.
Answered Apr 29, 2017
The importance of physical fitness through different fitness accessories in 5 points

Many people go through their whole fitness life without using any equipment. These are the people you see running around a park at all hours of the day. While avoiding the expense and bulk of buying exercise equipment is great, some of it is very helpful.

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Answered Aug 23, 2017
If you are looking to burn fat, consider doing:
1. Decline Crunch -
2. Nose to Knee Crunch -

Finding it hard to find the right exercise programs for women? Well, the thing is that workout routines for women and men are pretty much the same. However, instead of giving you the whole muscular, hard rock six pack abs bodies, we will concentrate on giving you a body with a low-fat percentage, making it lean and toned.
Answered Aug 23, 2017
Edited Aug 23, 2017
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Answered Jan 19, 2023

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