Help with relationship advice.?

Hi everyone,

I am so utterly confused. I have a major crush on someone, I am crazy about him and he is just so amazing. I just found out he likes me back, but he is too shy to text me even when I text him first (I know that sounds improbable, but I'm absolutely sure he likes me).
I just met someone recently who sort of intrigues me. We exchanged numbers, I think he's interested in me. I am too, but I like my crush so much more... I still wouldn't want to leave this guy though.
Finally, I am bisexual and seriously attracted to my girl best friend. She found out I liked her right before summer ended. We haven't seen each other since. I don't like her anymore at all, but GOD DAMN she is hot. I am so attracted to her, but she's straight so of course nothing is going to happen.

How do I choose between two guys, and also ignore and diminish lust that is never going to blossom into anything else?
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 25, 2014

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