My husband wants to go back to school and Iam stressed.

Hello, my husband and I have been married for almost a year and together for close to 5. Iam 27 and he's 29 and in the process of buying our first home and talking about starting a family. My husband has never been content with a career. He has a business degree and has informed me that he may want to go back to school for another 2 yr degree. I want to be supportive but at the same time Iam completely stressed about it. I feel at this stage in our life it would put a strain on our marriage emotionally and financially. Responses please?
Asked Jul 23, 2014
Let him concenrate on his studies...the problem is if you insist him a kind of hatred or mis attitude comes from his part...So make sure you give him full moral support and on the other hand spy him be a shadow to watch him....Its good if he study so that he earns a bit more income and you can make a healthy living...Bye this time try to manage the economic needs of your family.....Built a home either a as per yur budget or by taking financial assistance so that after his degree he has the capacity to pay it....Fix your budget and manage your needs accordingly....
Answered Mar 12, 2015
Edited Mar 12, 2015
You should definitely tell him that this decision of his is making you stressed. Communication is important in a relationship.
If he really wants to study, let him do it, I'd say.
Because if he is not content with his career now, he would never be, and this could make him so unhappy for years.

Also, consider this : Later in your lives, when you two would have grown old, would you like him to say "I wanted to get that degree, but I could not because you did not support me and I still regret it."

So let him decide, and support him whatever his decision is so that none of you regret it ever afterwards.

Hope I helped :)
Answered Mar 12, 2015

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