Ex is sending messeges agein

Hey I brock up with my boyfriend 6 weeks before I left Australia for good cus I did not want a long distends relationship and I was pretty cool with it I also unfriended all the people from Australia I did not talk to anymore cus I did not see the point in having them there cus I never talked to them and they never spoke to me ether I did not really want to talk to my ex to I cut him off to he asked why and I told him it made me feel uncomfortable so we never talked again and everything was super so then about to days ago he sends me a message asking how I am and I sad "I am good " and hoped that he would not send another one but he sent another one asking what I had been up to and if I was working. I know he has a girlfriend now and that is cool with me I just want him to stop messaging me cus it still made me feel uncomfortable what do I do
Asked Jul 17, 2014
Don't answer. What do you expect to get out of this? Do you miss him? Do you need this contact? If yes, why? Are you not over him? Are there unresolved issues? How did the break up end? Was it bad?

If he's seeing someone, and contacting you, it isn't a good sign. If you're in a committed relationship, it doesn't make sense to reach out to ex flames....especially if there are unresolved issues. Hard to say what his motives are, but rarely do these things pan out well. If you had both parted ways in a healthy, happy manner, and this message was a way of seeking updates and being thoughtful, it would be fine. It seems he's curious or could be trying to two-time. You know him well. If you think this is bad news, ignore it. Best thing to not get involved...these things have a nasty habit of spiraling.
Answered Jul 26, 2014
Thank you for the advise. I have still not replayed to his message and I don't think I am going to. so thank you a lot.
kimkp15 Jul 27, 2014
maybe he still likes you my ex lives in Ireland and I live in England so that was a bit complicated because I only went to him once or twice and that was only because im scared of boats he has a girlfriend now but still texts me I have a text from him every morning and every evening and in the morning it is usally a love song and in the evening its goodnight I don't reply and whenever he dose something eles on the text I tell his girlfriend maybe it would work with you hope I helped and goodluck
Answered Jul 27, 2014

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